To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

Juice cleanses are all the rage right now, especially with it being the new year. So is it really worth your time and expense? I had the opportunity to test out my first juice cleanse ever (eekk) and to be honest I was nervous and excited and mainly already missing food..haha.

After doing some research, I decided to go with a company called Juice Supply here in Dallas, TX. Their juices are full of amazing ingredients and all freshly made in the store. Another great benefit is that their juices do not go through HPP (high pasteurization process) and they also add in nutrients so overall you are not missing out on the major things your body needs to function at its best.

I chose to do the Slim & Glow 3-day cleanse. I didn’t want to get too aggressive since I had never done a cleanse before but I also wanted to see how I felt after more than just one day. Most of their cleanses are 1, 3, 5 and 7 days however they have people that will stay on these juices for a month at a time (no idea how they have that self-control)!

Slim & Glow Cleanse


The daily structure looks something like this:

8am-Thai Detox

10am-Yoga Purist

Noon-Forever Glowing (favorite!)

3pm-Pearl Mylk


7pm Cruciferous Free

8pm-Overnight Rejuvenation

To be honest, most people say the first day is the hardest and I would say that is sort of true. I was excited to be starting and mentally prepared to only drink my meals but when it came down to it, that was easier said than done. My days are fairly busy and I am out of my house a lot so I carried my juices around in a lunchbox (so elementary school chic of me) so that I was never out unprepared. Having a meal every few hours was nice though. It would take me a least an hour to drink some of the juices so by then I would only have another hour or two till the next one. For someone who really (I mean really) loves eating, this was a nice cadence.

Day Two was a little harder, I missed chewing food and since I already knew how everything tasted, there was little newness involved with the juices. However, I did feel great. I am a tea addict and will even throw in coffee on those long days, but the main thing I noticed was how much energy I had sans caffeine. This was awesome, and considering my days start around 5am, a welcome change. Also, by mid/end day two you’re already half way there, so there was an extreme sense of accomplishment and determination to finish all three days.

On day three I had a love/hate relationship with the juices. I felt awesome and loved the convenience of having all my meals ready and waiting, but I just missed chewing food. I think some people have an easier time with that than others however, I didn’t miss it to the point where I had any interest in stopping. I did attend a happy hour that evening and did not drink or eat anything there (victory!). Truthfully, that in a nutshell was one of the best parts of the cleanse. Proving to myself that I had the self-control to only drink juices, fill my body with wonderful nutrients and not be starving.

The Kalon Life

Overall, my juice cleanse experience would be a win! I really did love it. My husband might tell you I talked about food too much since I missed it (whoops) but other than that I wouldn’t say the lack of food made me cranky or irritable. I definitely noticed an increase in energy without any caffeine, which I loved because all I was feeding my body was fruits, veggies and spices. The convenience was also unbeatable and made staying on track and being healthy that much easier. My favorite part about the cleanse overall was being able to break those daily habits and cravings so that my eating was not dictated by what I wanted but more by what my body truly needed. If you are looking for a great way to not only reset your body but also your mind, then a juice cleanse is the way to go! There will definitely be more cleanses in my future!

If you are interested in trying a cleanse from Juice Supply but don’t live in the area, do not fear, they can easily ship it to you! They also deliver through Favor all over the city of Dallas!




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