Staying Motivated During the Holidays!

Holidays are such a fun time filled with family, friends, pretty decorations and of course lots of fun parties! But all of those amazing parties and dinners can make it hard to stay on track! Which is frustrating because this is the time where want to dress up and feel confident, not feel stressed and overwhelmed.


But don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! Here is a list of some ways to stay motivated and on track during one of the funniest times of the year.

1. Remember why you started this!

I know that might be a little cheesy but just bear with me. When we start something as personal as our journey of health there is typically a deeper reason why we are doing it. Whether it’s because you want to feel good in your clothes, love how you look naked or set a good example for those around you, dig down and remember WHY! You might not put down every cookie because of it but I bet you’ll put down most of them.

2. Plan ahead and try not to go to all your parties hungry.

Lets be real, most people aren’t worrying as much about what they are eating during the holidays, they’re waiting for Jan 1st. But not you! You are determined to stay on track and that means planning ahead. We’ve all heard it before but there is a reason our mothers used to say this, ‘Fail to plan or plan to fail’. And its true. If you let your eating or even your schedule be at the mercy of others you will never be as successful as if you had planned ahead. So if possible try and grab a good bite to eat before heading out! Protein will make you feel the fullest and carbs will help absorb alcohol the best if you plan on drinking.

3. Bring your own healthy snacks.

A great way to be able to enjoy a party and its food is to bring some of your own favorites to munch on! And there is no need to feel bad or guilty for bringing something healthy. Trust me, there will be people there who appreciate having the option and then you wont have to starve or feel guilty about eating only cookies and bread all night.

4. Drink lots of water.

It’s no secret that drinking water is so good for you! It is great for your skin, hair, digestion and it helps you to feel fuller longer! A lot of the time when we start to feel hungry we are actually thirsty. Most people are not drinking enough water on a daily basis and that is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. I recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces daily. I love to add fruit to my water so that it has more flavor and makes it easier to drink it all day!

EX: 150lbs=75oz of water

5. Give yourself a break!

It’s the holidays y’all, the most wonderful time of the year and it should not be spent stressed about the parties and food. Life is all about balance and some months are easier than others. If you do fall off track a little don’t worry about it, that’s just part of life. Be smart and make your splurges count if you decide you are going to!


What are some of your go to tricks to staying on track during the holidays? We would love to hear from you!




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