You will meet one on one with a trainer hand picked for you to help you on your wellness journey. Sessions will take place where is most convenient for you, whether that is a gym, home or even sometimes a park!

Small Group Session

Working out can be more fun when you have a buddy so why not sign up with a friend. Your trainer will put together workouts that challenge each of you at your own level and allow you to grow and excel at your own pace.

Grocery List & Shopping

Ever wonder what you should be getting at the grocery store to keep you on track? We will go with you and show you all of the yummy things to fill your basket with as well as what you should try and stay clear of. We can even help you prep your meals so that you start off your week set up for success.

Monthly Meal Plan

Looking for more extensive guidance on what you should be eating each day to help reach your goals? We provide a monthly meal plan that includes healthy, filling and simple breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinners. Nutrition is an important part of your journey so why not go into the month with a plan!

Wardrobe Makeover

Sometimes your closet just needs a face lift and that’s why we’re here. We will pick out the classic pieces that are sure to last you years to come as well as pull the pieces that are outdated or not ideal for your body type. From there we will show you how to mix and match throughout the items you already own and also go shopping for new pieces that are sure to make you feel your best! After your wardrobe makeover you will know what colors are best for your skintone, what shapes are best for your body and how to put together outfits like a pro!

Small Collection Session

We all have those parties, weddings or trips where we have no idea what to wear. Luckily we will help you find the perfect outfit (or items) to make you feel beautiful but also fits the destination. Our stylist will pre-shop to pick out some pieces for you and then from there you will pick your favorite(s). Your stylist will keep in mind your budget, color preference, body type and personal style to ensure that we help you find what is best for you! 


Little Pick Me Up

Sometimes you just need to talk through a situation, big decision or have someone to bounce ideas off of. We get it and would love to help you with that! A third party can really give you advice that is not rooted in emotion or bias of the situation. You will get two one-on-one, hour sessions (more if you would like) to really dig in both pre and post the topic at hand.

Let’s Dig In

There are some situations where it takes more than a meeting or two to really get to the root of the issue and come up with the best possible outcome. We would love to take that journey with you and support you as you work through a big decision or just want someone to talk to. Session number will vary depending on how often you would like to meet.

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    What an awesome concept. I so appreciate the multi-layered concept and approach touching all facets of life. I can’t WAIT to get started with you.

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